Company Yoga

Do you at times find yourself sitting in front of the computer, laptop or iPhone for hours at a time..? 

Do you feel stiff and sore in your body and tired in your eyes and head after sitting for hours starring into a screen..?


Yeah, that happens, but I have the solution!

You need to incorporate a little of Susanne 's YogaPowers into your daily life!


30-45 min of Yoga 1, 2, 3..5 times a week to open up in those shoulders, chest, moving the circulation in your body to clear the mind. Find that peace within through conscious breathing so that any situation that arises, can be dealt with ease instead of stress. We will boost the immunsystem and calm down the central nervous system.  

Give your employees alittle yoga with me during the day, so that they will be even more efficent, happy and healthy people throughout the week!

Just click the button and you are one step closer to becoming calmer, stronger, healthier and more flexible!

Who doesn`t want that ;)